Seppelec is an engineering company founded and established in Madrid (Spain) in 2001 by a group of Spanish and German engineers.
Since its origin, Seppelec bet to develop innovative technology and this has become its main value, allowing its expansion from the local market to a wide range of countries in the American continent.
We are focused in research and development and it is the key factor to satisfy our demanding customers.
Several projects have RDI certification by government agencies in Spain and even granted some patents.
All the engineering is designed and executed within the group of highly qualified employees, both, in the technical area of production.
Seppelec is able to locate itself between local and large multinationals engineering companies. We have resources to undertake projects of all scopes up to 25 lines of bottling plants. Our customers are leading bottlers and international drinks, soft drinks, beer and dairy producers.

Head office and production facilities are located in Madrid and we have offices in Germany, Mexico, Panama, and Colombia. Europe and India are our next markets.
Seppelec's Management Organization

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