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We invest significant resources to our continuing program of research and development.

The trends of the market seek to introduce new ingredients, flavors and textures.

In addition, it is increasingly more indispensable to work with high efficiency and sustainability, as well as saving energy and raw materials.

This forces manufacturers to search for innovative solutions, and for this purpose you will find in Seppelec the perfect partner.
We have two lines of work:
New products
New manufacturing methods
New products
Seppelec has a wide range of products in manufacture of beverages. Innovation, technology, as well as providing the best elements. All our equipment are modular and customizable.
New manufacturing methods
Distribution, logistics, and more efficient processes are features in which you will make the difference, both, in production and the quality of the product.
During the past 13 years we have achieved many objectives successfully. Thanks to continued evolution of beverage process engineering, Seppelec has been able to run throughout this time. We spend all the time in the creation of products, new ways of manufacturing, ergonomic premises and according with customer installations. All our customers and partners are present in our projects, ensuring the best quality and a personalized cost, according to the needs.
Successful projects
Plant production of beverages based on powder and solid particles: Certified by EQA since 2015
Automatic draining of pulps and concentrates:
Patented since 2014. EQA certificate since 2013
Participation in the European program:

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