Advanced technology CIP systems.

milk juice drinks beer
SEPPELCIP is the most compact CIP system in the market. They are delivered pre-assembled and tested. Electric cabinet included. Customized designed, all combinations required of tanks and cleaning circuits are available. Its modular and ultra-compact design enables quick and easy implementation in the plant.
CIP models for the food industry:
  • Beer.
  • Dairy.
  • Juices and nectars.
  • Refreshing and isotonic beverages.
High range of equipment with a high degree of automation:
  • Pressure, concentration and flow control.
  • Water and chemicals management control.
  • Recipe management of each cleaning object.
  • All variables management your optimization.
  • Activation of each cleaning and its report.
  • Auto optimization and self-cleaning.
  • Configurable cleaning recipes.

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