Integral advice
Integral advice

At Seppelec we develop, manufacture and install equipment for beverage manufacturing.

  • Concept studies
  • Creation of master plans
  • Simulation of process rooms
  • Development of prototypes and pilot testing
Projects development

We specialize in project management, production and set up.
The project manager will remain on-site during commissioning.
At all times he will coordinate:
  • Training
  • Coordination
  • Reporting of the project tasks
Projects development
Ingeniería de procesos
Process engineering

Implementation auxiliary services.
  • Preliminary studies, project and schedule.
  • Detailed production engineering.
  • Preparation plan, planning and management.
  • Installation plans and documentation.
  • Coordination of internal and external teams..
  • Training, maintenance and optimization.
Assistance technique/Supervision/direction of work
  • Material control.
  • Work engineering supervision.
  • Control and monitoring of implementation.
  • Control of deadlines.
  • Health and safety coordination.
  • Environmental coordination.
  • Specialized assistance of issues at work.
Assistance technique/Supervision/direction of work
  • Product and productivity audit.
  • Improvement plans in industrial processes.
  • Audits and studies of energy efficiency.
  • Environmental studies.
  • Technical consultancy in different areas.
  • Mechanical area, electrical, I & C, industrial safety and compliance of facilities wit the legislation in force.
Maintenance management program
  • Maintenance programs aim to improve the productivity, profitability and safety of your facilities.
  • Seppelec plans and maintaining its systems minimizing issues and downtime.
  • Periodic reviews and updates of the equipment. We assure the correct operation of your facilities to 100%.
Maintenance management program
Training and Qualification
Training and Qualification
  • Residential courses on your own facilities. Access to specific training programs.
  • Evaluation and analysis of production data.
  • Improvements in productivity, optimization and saving.
  • Operators training.

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