MSS (Modular System by Seppelec)


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Seppelec developed in 2008 an alternative system to the traditional syrup mixers with a dual objective:
  • To improve the beverages manufacturing system eliminating the problems of the traditional systems.
  • Minimize the resources and energy consumption.
With this system, which has been improved since then, got to meet the challenge of designing a modern soft drinks factory characterized by the efficiency of processes and respectful with the environment: the factory of the future.

  • Valid for complex flavors, including Fresh.
  • Possibility of making syrup and quasi-syrup.
  • Quick and easy set up . Easy expansion to new lines.
  • Increase the capacity of new recipes and products.
  • Low cost operation and maintenance.
  • Only one PLC by line. Same program on all lines.

  • Quick and easy set up . Easy expansion to new lines.
  • Maximum efficiency Minimum energy consumption. Minimum CIP and water consumption.
  • Minimum wastage.
  • Compliance with the most demanding quality and control standards.
  • Faster cleaning.
  • High degree of automation and traceability processes.

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