Dear friend;

I ́m glad to inform you about the relevant corporate changes we have recently made
within our Seppelec Group, which were unveiled to our visitors in the late Drinktec we
have just ended, and which has been a wonderful meeting with a great performance
of our sales team towards the outstanding figure of visitors we have welcomed. It has
been a commercial success and looking forward to be there and meet you all again in

New times brings us new challenges which require steps forward and developments
to position ourselves accordingly, not only in our commercial portfolio with new
technical solutions, but also in other strategic aspects in order to enhance our general
performance as a group of entities.

We have recently concluded a five year process where the well-known german
engineering company “Van der Molen” has merged within Seppelec engineering. As a
result, a new engineering brand is borned which combines the best technologies of
both companies in an unique commercial portfolio we can offer you. In order to
exemplify this new organization, a new flag brand will represent us all and under which
all the companies belonging to the Seppelec Group will perform from now on. Red and
grey colours and the logo will represent Van der Molen, while the name is to Seppelec,
as you can identify in the head of this letter.

In terms of management, to lead these thrilling new times we are entering the Board
of Directors has decided to appoint myself a the new executive officer of the
headquarter company of the Seppelec Group. Having performed in different positions
within the company for the last years it ́s an honour to me and a privilege to hold this
post and it ́s my true commitment to guide all people within and around our
organization through this new path we have taken, which will surely deliver us a great
future as a cutting edge engineering brand.

Carlos Gómez-Zarzuela Irigoyen