Redefining beverage processing

Specialist in project management, production and set up.

Process engineering

Process Engineering

Design, installation & implementation from receipt of raw materials to the final product.

Customize solutions

Since the beginning of the study of a project to its implementation.

Automation & Control

Wide range of automation: Manual operations to fully controlled processes.

Technical support

Seppelec support team service, for the implementation of its process equipment.

In house production

Engineering solutions & equipment for all processes in the manufacturing room

Turnkey projects

Engineering solutions & equipment for all processes in the manufacturing room

Seppelec Group news


Seppelec Group water treatment technology in Kazakhstan

In this project the reverse osmosis Aquamol M system is installed to demineralise and decarbonise the water for beverage production.

Revolutionary sugar dissolve projects in Africa

Seppelec Group is glad to announced two new projects in Africa. Our sugar dissolve system Contimol still expanse around the world as leader in sugar dissolve system.

New CC beverage plant in Costa Rica

The new plant will produce concentrates for soft drinks for Coca-Cola’s global operation. According to the company, its level of automation will make it the most modern of its kind.

Energy Drinks project by Seppelec Group

Seppelec Group is pleased to install and provide the best technology for energy drinks in the beverage industry. The result is a client satisfied with a installations according to his needs.