New water treatment project in Kazakhstan

RG BRANDS, the largest manufacturer of beverages and food in Kazakhstan and Central Asia,  requires the  water treatment technology and know-how of Seppelec Group.

In this project the reverse osmosis Aquamol M system is installed to demineralise and decarbonise the water for beverage production.

Aquamol is designed to take any water quality and automatically adjust itself according to the raw water condition, without the needs of a operator.

  • Syrup room sanitary concept.
  • integrated level control to minimize product loss.
  • Integrated CIP concept with desinfection step.
  • High degree of automation.
  • Constant high water quality
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Recycling mode available

The high-tech mineral production system including ozonation, allows to produce different recipes for different kind of beverage.

For more information about our technology, please visit us:


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