Module with a compact design & modular system for easy installation in any beverage plant.

Compact continuous sugar dissolver like Contimol.

  • Minimization of production costs.
  • The best compact design in the market.
  • High degree of automation.

System for lower capacities up to 6,000 l/h.

The Ecomol is a innovative version of the Contimol. Modular and easy installation.

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Sugar decolorization system for our new client Slaur Sardet.

A new success that strengthens our leadership in sugar treatment.

Sugar clarification system

  • Process for unloading sugar.
  • Ecomol module. Dissolution sugar system.
  • Sugar decoloration system: Decomol.

Sugar unloading from Big Bag.

Sugar dissolution.

Sugar Dissolve

Sugar decoloration: Decomol.


The ECOMOL is a new innovative version of the well-known CONTIMOL.

Full automatic operating sugar dissolving unit, with optimized compact and energy-saving design.

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Full plant installation & advanced web environment for plant operation.

New project in Guyana full water system installation and new plant update.

Another step for Seppelec group in water treatment process.

Non stop production during plant installation

Technology update & new manufacturing room for soft drinks:

  • SUGAR DISSOLUTION ROOM with contimol technology.

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Water Treatment project in Novovoronezh

New water treatment project in Rusia (Novovoronezh). 

  • Water pumps.
  • Aquamol. Reverse osmosis.
  • Multimedia filters.
  • Chemical cleaning membranes.

Bochkary Brewery Sugar Treatment System

New sugar system project in Rusia (Bochkar). 

  • Thermol. Thermal Treatment
  • Water skid. Preheating of dissolving water
  • Contimol. Continuous sugar dissolving unit

Turn key projects installation and automation. 

Since more than 50 years now Van der Molen is setting technological accents to optimize production processes and its profitability for the food and beverage industries.

Cocal cola Costa Rica

The new plant will produce concentrates for soft drinks for Coca-Cola’s global operation. According to the company, its level of automation will make it the most modern of its kind.

Seppelec was involve in this project since 2018. Today, this Coca-Cola plant  will serve several countries.

Beverage Base & Concentrates Area Level 3

  • Concentrates Area
  • Beverage Base Area
Seppelec CC Room

Beverage Base & Concentrates Area Level 2

  • Flexible Area
  • CIP Area
  • Centralized emptying manifold + Product treatment area

Liquid raw material Reception and storage tanks

Once more Seppelec Group increase his brand around the beverage process engineering industry.

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Seppelec group has achieved outstanding optimisation and design at Coca Cola’s sevilla plant.

The Sevilla Coca Cola plant has been awarded the «best plant of the year» Customer Service & Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020.


Seppelec Group has installed a revolutionary CIP system, reducing the water ratio by 7% and energy consumption by 16.8%.

A big step for Seppelec Group, increasing his revolutionary technology for Coca Cola European Partners.

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Mechanical and electrical engineering installation by Van Der Molen team, with more than 60 years of experience in beverage industry.

Seppelec Mixing Tanks


Seppelec Group design & assemble this technology for mixing final syrup line.


Cleaning system of all parts of your standard or customized process equipment.

Seppelec Storage Tank


High technology for storage simple syrup.


Mechanical recovery and cleaning function.

The best process engineering for Mongolia Coca Cola Ulaanbaatar.

Van Der Molen Process Technology  designed the complete equipment detailed, civil and electromechanical engineering, supervision, equipment supply, start up and training.

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Ethiopia Seppelec Group Van Der Molen

Ethiopia new project by Seppelec Group, turn key project installation.  This installations are the most advance technology for beverage industry.

The expansion plant supplied by Seppelec & Van Der Molen in Ethiopia includes supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of a new syrup room, sugar dissolver, high colour sugar treatment and CIP system.

Simple Syrup Clarification & Water Treatment Area
CIP Plant Area
Simple Syrup Storage Tank
Concentrate Station Area

The next projects are already in the pipeline. Seppelec Group thanks for the trust of the clients to grow together in this 2021.

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Ver Más

Success in Africa for the Seppelec Group

Seppelec Beverage Plant Uganda

Seppelec have a long experience of working with the best clients to create breakthrough results, our expertise in food and beverage processing ensures we combine experience with information technology and new ways of thinking to resolve clients needs.

This new project in Uganda ensures our position in this new market.

Ingredients addition Area

Seppelec Group developed & manufactured several standard units for this new beverage plant in Uganda.

Solid and liquid concentrates

Milk powder

Sugar addition

Lotmix.Solid and liquid concentrates
Lotmix.Solid and liquid concentrates
Seppelec Big Bag system

Cocoa Area

Seppelec Cocoa Technology

Process Area

Seppelec technology in Cleaning, emptying and Thermal Systems

Seppelec process in Uganda
CIP cleaning system
Cleaning System

SeppelCip® advanced technology with a wide range of flows and pressures. 

Vacbid. Automatic Emptying system
Emptying System

Seppelec Vacbid®

Automatic emptying system for pulps and concentrates.

Thermal treatment
Thermal Threatment

Seppelec Ecopasteur®

The most versatile pasteurization system.

Today Seppelec Group is facing new challenges and increasing the quality services in the beverage industry to their Customers.

This new beverage plant in Uganda will open new markets and increase our presence around the globe.

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Cola In-line Blending System

Seppelec and Van Der Molen adquieries a new Coca Cola project in 3 plants in China

This project has been developed taking into consideration all specifications and instructions received for the 3 beverage plants.

The 3 process unit will be identical (as they can operate with variable capacity) and we have considered the particularities.

MASSMOL C. Cola Sugar Blending System

  • Compact design with low need for space.
  • High degree of automation.
  • Reliable metering accuracy.
  • Continuous process and thus reduced tank need.
  • Manufactured using high quality material.