Water treatment systems

Sanitary concept


Continuous final syrup blending system

The system extracts the dissolved mineral substances. Depending on water quality and usage of water, the system can be amended with filters and microbiological cleaning elements. The result is a clean and clear water to be used in the beverage production process.

- We apply syrup room sanitary philosophy
- Integrated level control to minimise ozone loss
- Recipe structure in software
- Integrated CIP concept with disinfection step

Main features

  • High degree of automation
  • Constant high water quality
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Recycling mode available

Water treatment system-compact modules

Aquamol module for beverage plants

Aquamol M.
Removes from water dissolved mineral substances, organics and microbiology.
Aquamol Ion Exchanger.
Packed Tower Degassifier

Different blender products for beverage plants

Thermal treatment system for beverage plants