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Industrial Production Manager

- Responsible for the organization and planning of production orders of equipment designed by SEPPELEC, the improvement of production processes, the organization and development of personnel and compliance with delivery deadlines while maintaining the stipulated quality, ensuring compliance with production plans, with efficient management of resources and within the established standards of productivity and quality.


- Participate in the Management Committee.
- Elaborate and direct production plans.
- Collaborate with the Quality Manager in the implementation of new regulations, procedure adjustments, and quality improvement of final equipment.
- Establish a production development plan.
- Supervises the resolution of incidents in the production chain that may affect the normal operation.
- He will be in charge of the management of material resources.
- Will be in charge of the search for strategies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of production.
- He/she is responsible for the management and development of the personnel under his/her charge, collaborating in the evaluation of their competencies and performance.
- Design and control the execution of the Production Plan in accordance with marketing and sales forecasts.
- Establish the corresponding KPIs of the production area in terms of costs, quality and response time.
- Manages the procurement of raw materials to ensure availability in terms of time, quality and quantity.
- Implements continuous improvement processes, adapting existing tools, proposing and managing the necessary investments for the area.
- Make proposals for technical, process or manufacturing procedures improvements, as well as organizational improvements to the management in order to improve productivity and quality. Directing the management and allocation of factory labor resources.
- Elaborate work shifts.
- Control the production process from start to identification of finished products, including coordination and supervision of incoming and outgoing test equipment.
- Control the maintenance of production facilities, order and cleanliness in the factory.
- Ensure compliance with Occupational Risk Prevention in the production plant ensuring compliance with current legislation.
- Prepare statistical studies and cost analysis of their area of management.
- Detect the training needs of the production staff and their internal and external training, collaborating with the HR department.
- Coordinate the organization of the outings of people to work outside the plant.
- Logistical organization of receptions and/or dispatches and maintaining the order of the locations in the warehouse.
- Control of the management of materials/kits to production according to production requests.

Industrial Automation Technician

Willingness to travel for the purpose of commissioning equipment and verifying its correct operation.


We are looking for a person who will be responsible for managing the entire life cycle of intelligent systems, from design to development, implementation and verification.

Specific competencies
- Making design approaches for intelligent electronic and automation systems (PLC programming, Tia Portal, HMI)
- PLC programming (Omron, Allen Bradley, Schneider), and SCADA (Wonderware, Intouch).
- Execute and control the resources and activities of industrial automation systems for their optimal operation, considering industry norms and standards.
- Implement industrial automation and control systems or processes, configuring, programming and integrating SCADA, DCS, etc., to the other systems of the production process in operation.
- Operate industrial process control systems and/or equipment in conjunction with the rest of the stages or phases of the system.
- Measure variables to verify the correct operation of equipment and systems.
- Supervise system maintenance activities.
- Apply computer tools for the development of administrative and technical documents.
- Knowledge of MySQL databases and communication protocols (Modbus, profibus, ...).
- Implement improvements to hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electromechanical systems, according to the operating status and operational needs of the equipment.
- Configure and/or program equipment used in industrial process automation systems, applying procedures for the commissioning of the proposed systems.
- Define the different technological alternatives to solve the problems posed in the development of the equipment.