Dairy technology

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Cutting-edge dairy technology

Seppelec engineering team have applied their professional skills in factory design, construction & upgrade across the final step of the project.

Dairy technology


  • Milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Ice cream

Seppelec Dairy technology


Managing cold milk direct form the truck to the further processing UHT & Filling systems
  • High level in line automation
  • Recipe management & reports
  • Data record & traceability
  • Automatic cleaning & CIP compatibility
  • Valid for any viscosity products
  • Energy savings
  • Compact built & GMP design
  • Cost Optimization

General dairy advantages in beverage plants

Seppelec revolutionary technology

Outstanding projects

Client: Santa Clara
Products: Yogurt & Ice Cream factory
Aplications: New Milk factory
Client: Estrella Azul
Products: Yogurt & Ice Cream factory
Aplications: Dairy project
Client: Celta
Products: Milk Y Yoghurt
Aplications: Complete automation of dairy factory

Dairy technology