Blender technology

Full modular system

Blender technology

In-line blending technology

Since its foundation both companies are trying develop the best solution for continuous blending technology.

SEPMIX is designed to make all recipes, just add the adequate module to obtain the best results.

Blender technology

Basic components

  • Simple Syrup Line
  • Water line
  • Concentrates line


Modular InLine Blenging Sytem

All Seppelec equipment are done following the most extrict international certification & always complies with our customer rules.
  • Saves 30% space in the syrup room: FS Tanks -50% volume.
  • Reduces the mixing time by 10% per batch: Automatic water adjustment.
  • Multiple configurations are possible.
  • Optional units: deaeration unit, Sucralose Module, Concentrate station & Solid & Liquid dissolving station

Sepmix- Blender modules for customer needs

Blender standard modules for Coca Cola

Outstanding projects

Client: Argentina plant (Andina Group)
Products: Coca Cola Low Sugar
Aplications: 1 Sepmix: 5 streams blender
Client: Guatemala plant
Products: CC
Aplications: Final syrup
Client: China plant installation
Products: Coca Cola
Aplications: Sepmix + concentrates module+ mixer
Client: Femsa Colombia installation
Products: Coca Cola
Aplications: Mss units

Dairy technology