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Continuous final syrup blending system

MASSMOL is designed for continuous inline dosing and blending of several components to a homogeneous final syrup in accordance with a given recipe.
This fully automatic system guarantees availability of large quantities of final syrup prepared by equipment with the smallest possible footprint.

High accuracy in dosing and measuring guarantees and top quality

Main features

Direct processing of beverage components resulting in fast availability of final syrup (within 3 minutes).

Space efficient as several lines are supplied with one product with only one buffer tank, no further storage of final syrup is required, no large mixing tanks are necessary, so that the system can be realized even in tight space situations.
  • Continuous control and registration of concentrate, temperature and capacity.
  • Automatic running of all functions including start, stop and CIP-cleaning.
  • Constant homogeneous final syrup due to an efficient inline-mixing system.


In line blender system for any beverage plant

High-level performance inline blender of finished syrup/drink or final beverages, equipped with recipes management, complete traceability, automatic cleaning and detailed control of whole process.
• Multiproduct solution
• Cost-efficient. Water and energy
• Modular equipment


In line blender system for any beverage plant

A modular solution for Syrup and final beverage
• Precise control in the mixing
• Possibility of gradual mixing
• High-precision dosing & brix control
• Features mass flow measurement
• No product loss.

Blending system- Model gallery

Different designs for our clients around the world

Sepmix MP

SEPMIX sucralose module


Sepmix blender (4 stream lines)

Massmol C. Cola unit

Massmol blender system


Concentrate unit

Massmol C.

Massmol blender system

Concentrate unitand solids ingredients.

Different blender product for beverage plants

Sugar dissolver system for any kind of ingredients