Sugar Clarification systems


Syrup Decolorization Filtration System

The unit uses an ion exchanger and, if necessary, filters to end up with a clear product. The DECOMOL can be customized to individual needs,
Each filter can be built as standard:

• Single filter station (non-continuous system)
• Double filter station (continuous system)
• Triple filter station (continuous system with high/low flow possibility
• High capacity plants > 25000 l/h



  • • Efficient usage of raw materials
  • • High degree of automation
  • • Recording of production data
  • • Existing CIP integration
  • • Manufactured using high quality material
  • • Short payback period compared to conventional systems

Sugar clarification system- gallery

Different designs are available to comply with our customer’s specific necessities

Ion exchange system columns
Ion exchange system.
*with Sugar Flotation
Ion exchange system
*with Deodorization and filters

Modular models in beverage plants

Sugar clarification system for: Carbonated Drinks & Near-Water