MSS Compact units

Seppelec advanced module compact unit

MSS. A revolutionary concept for syrup rooms

Modular System by Seppelec

SEPPELEC Compact unit per individual production line.

• Total versatility: different recipes, products and batch sizes.

• Complex flavors:fresh included. Minimum space requirements.

• Highest effectiveness, less consumption: water, CIP and energy.


Units models

Automatic emptying system for pulps and concentrates.
  • Ultra Clean extraction.
  • Available to comply with our customer’s specific needs.
  • Semi-automatic operation.
  • Accurate dosage.
  • Low water consumption.
Blending unit for solid and liquid ingredients.
  • Cold dissolution.
  • Hard-to-dissolve solids.
  • Inline operation.
  • Great flexibility.
  • High-performance dissolution

MSS- custom made

Optional units

  • slide
  • slide
  • slide
  • slide

MSS - functionality

High-level automation inline blender for final drink

Modular system for beverage plants