Dissolving systems

Solids and liquids dissolution for any beverage plant


Sugar dissolving System

The CONTIMOL is the continuous sugar dissolver to produce sugar syrup (simple syrup) with constant quality and concentration.
The unit complements a continuous production process and supports a minimization of production costs, not only due to its high degree of automation.

The CONTIMOL can be customized to individual needs regarding potential product output and based on usage and availability of energy.

Modular compact design for sugar dissolution

Module Features

  • • High degree of automation
  • • Jet-Mix-System
  • • Short start-up phase
  • • Existing CIP integration
  • • Manufactured using high quality material

Sugar dissolve system- Model gallery

Different designs are available to comply with our customer’s specific necessities

Module for dissolve system
Compact module for dissolve system
Sugar dissolver for liquids and solids ingredients.

Modular models in beverage plants

Sugar dissolver system for any kind of ingredients