Pasteurization systems

The most versatile pasteurization systems in the market


Continuous final syrup blending system

Suitable for all type of products.n
All thermal treatments:nn• High temperature short time (HTST).n• Ultra pasteurization (UP).n• Ulta-high temperature (UHT).

Main features

Suitable for all type of products. All filling types: Hot Fill/Cold Fill/Aseptic. Energy optimization and recovery up to 85% in aseptic duties.nn
  • Automatic product change
  • Efficient usage of energy through heat recovery
  • Enables high quality treatment of the product.

Thermal treatment system-compact modules

Ecopasteur & thermol brands for thermal solutions in plant

Ecopasteur. Plates model
Thermol. Tubular model
Pasteurization rooms

Different blender products for beverage plants

Thermal treatment system for beverage plants