New Coca – Cola factory near the wild european nature in Germany

Van Der Molen-Seppelec Group achieves a major project in the beverage process engineering

Dorsten city (Western-Germany) is a beautiful place on the Lippe River and The Weasel- Satchel Canal. A village in Roman times that stands out for being one of the last european nature areas with wild horses.

Van Der Molen Process Technology part of Seppelec group is in charge of the full installation of the beverage plant and Automation software system. Coca Cola European Partners acquires the technology of Van Der Molen and Seppelec equipment in this new beverage plant.

This Project covers all the areas of a new beverage plant:

  • Full installation of the plant.
  • Machines installation.
  • Stainless Steel outdoor Sugar Silo.
  • Unique concept Sugar dissolving system installed under silo.
  • Automation System in the plant.
  • Maintenance and Spare parts.

Turn key project: operational performance, quality, environment, production information management, and cost optimization.

Contimol. Continuous Sugar Dissolving System

Thermol . Plate Heat Exhanger

Massmol C. Continuous Coca Cola Sugar Blending System

Van Der Molen Process Technology drawing from extensive experience implementing continuous improvement in its own factories, will applied this new technology in customers plants.

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