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redefining beverage processing

Seppelec Group News

Ecomol. Brand- new compact module for dissolve system

Compact design & modular system for easy installation in any beverage plant.

France sugar clarification system

A new success that strengthens our leadership in sugar treatment.

Sugar decolorization system for our new client Slaur Sardet.

New beverage plant in Guyana

New project in Guyana full water system installation and new plant update. Another step for Seppelec group in water treatment process.

New beverage plants in Russia

New water treatment project in Rusia (Novovoronezh). New sugar system project in Rusia (Bochkar).

New CC beverage Plant in Costa Rica- Liberia

This plant will produce concentrates for soft drinks for Coca-Cola’s global operation. Seppelec was involve in this project since 2018.

Seppelec Group on the road to success

Seppelec group has achieved outstanding optimisation and design at Coca Cola’s sevilla plant.

Seppelec Group adquires Mongolia extension plant

Mechanical & electrical engineering installation by Van Der Molen , with more than 60 years of experience.

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