New beverage plant in Uganda

Success in Africa for the Seppelec Group

Seppelec Beverage Plant Uganda

Seppelec have a long experience of working with the best clients to create breakthrough results, our expertise in food and beverage processing ensures we combine experience with information technology and new ways of thinking to resolve clients needs.

This new project in Uganda ensures our position in this new market.

Ingredients addition Area

Seppelec Group developed & manufactured several standard units for this new beverage plant in Uganda.

Solid and liquid concentrates

Milk powder

Sugar addition

Lotmix.Solid and liquid concentrates
Lotmix.Solid and liquid concentrates
Seppelec Big Bag system

Cocoa Area

Seppelec Cocoa Technology

Process Area

Seppelec technology in Cleaning, emptying and Thermal Systems

Seppelec process in Uganda
CIP cleaning system
Cleaning System

SeppelCip® advanced technology with a wide range of flows and pressures. 

Vacbid. Automatic Emptying system
Emptying System

Seppelec Vacbid®

Automatic emptying system for pulps and concentrates.

Thermal treatment
Thermal Threatment

Seppelec Ecopasteur®

The most versatile pasteurization system.

Today Seppelec Group is facing new challenges and increasing the quality services in the beverage industry to their Customers.

This new beverage plant in Uganda will open new markets and increase our presence around the globe.

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