Seppelec-Van Der Molen first meeting in Madrid (Spain)

Last week the new Van Der Molen team was received by Seppelec in Madrid.

This has been the startup of the new stage that Seppelec Group is already facing.

Seppelec Group-Van Der Molen

Holger Funke (CEO) and Charo Galindo (Sales Coordinator) of Seppelec Group led this 4-days’ meeting at which the new organizational chart,

workplan and sales strategy were presented to the newly arrived staff.

Seppelec Group-Van Der Molen
Seppelec Group-Van Der Molen

During these days, we have had the opportunity to share ideas and initiatives. Our technical know-how, as well as our deep knowledge

of the market needs, will enable us to become a stronger engineering expert in the beverage, beer and dairy industries.

The most relevant topics of this meeting were:

  • Business introduction
  • Technical workshop
  • Sales strategy
  • Workplan
Seppelec Group- Logos
Seppelec Group- Logos
Seppelec Group- Logos
Seppelec Group- Logos
Van Der Molen   Team
René Veenman. Area Sales Manager
Saffer Doron. Area Sales Manager
Jean-Charles Grout. Project Manager
Thomas Maier. Project Manager
Matthias Frick. Site Supervision Manager
Herbert Papritz. Supervisor Controls & Automation
Simon Teschner. After Market
Seppelec Team
Holger Funke. CEO & Sales Manager
Andrés Díaz. CFO
Charo Galindo. Sales Coordinator
Adrian Koszegi. Chief Automation Officer
Víctor Serrano. Chief CAD Officer
Miguel Álvarez. Chief Electrical Officer
Teclec Team 
Alejandro Expósito. Chief Engineering Officer (in representation of Teclec)

Seppelec Group adds a new branch, and this union entails both a challenge and a exciting new project that with certainty will be a great success.

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